Did you know that roughly 3 out of every 4 home owners use the Internet to sell their property? With such a drastic trend I'm surprised that agents and home owners still use newspapers to advertise housing and commercial properties. Paying an expensive bundle for an advertisement in the newspaper, only to have it recycled the next day just doesn't make sense to me. Why would you want to spend so much money on a form of advertising that's so short lived? Not to mention the space constraint and character limits on ads in the newspaper.Have a look at SEO  for more info on this.


Does that look like a promising real estate ad? This newspaper ad resembles a garbled text message and most readers would not be able to make head or tail of what is being advertised. Why not take advantage of the boundless space of the Internet? Forget trying to look up the countless abbreviations to interpret newspaper ads. Real Estate SEO offers realtors and home owners the chance to promote their listings online with the freedom to exhibit as many characters as they need. Home owners can show off their property with appealing imagery (in colour, not like the ugly black and white blurry images that the newspaper has!) Many home owners who advertise with newspapers settle for a less price than their property is actually worth. Usually it is out of frustration from dealing with little or no response from the weeks and months of showing their ad in the newspaper.


Instead of dealing with the newspaper, realtors and homeowners can create a website and build traffic utilizing Real Estate SEO strategies. Optimizing a real estate website can be through pictures, blueprint layouts, videos, neighborhood information, descriptive details, and so much more. Many home owners are using social networking platforms such as Craig's List, Yahoo! Real Estate, Facebook and YouTube to effectively sell their homes. Craig's List is a website in which users can post and browse through classified ads for free. Focusing on geo-targeted keywords through effective Real Estate SEO campaigns can attract homebuyers within your locality to visit your website. Many people are turning away from reading the newspaper and prefer browsing the Internet to find what they need. The Internet offers users information at their own time and convenience.


Real Estate SEO gives long distance buyers the opportunity to check out properties they would be interested in investing. Trends are revealing that online advertising for the real estate sector in particular, will progress rapidly and overtake traditional advertising methods within the next 5 years. Targeting online buyers will help home owners sell their property at the best price possible. Whether you are a realtor or a home owner, Real Estate SEO will provide you the sale you need at the right price. Properly optimizing your website through quality SEO methods will result in the sale of your home and closing the deals you desire.